Wish List

CMSNAP Wish List

While we need and appreciate monetary gifts, you can also help by making “In-kind” donations. In-kind gifts of goods and services are always welcomed, and are vital to the success of CMSNAP.

We get asked almost daily about volunteer opportunities.  We keep telling people that there will be lots to when the clinic opens. Truth is, there really is a lot you all can do now to help us get the clinic open sooner…so we can help more people help more cats.


Here are some simple things you can donate now to help us care for cats and prepare for the clinic.  Most of these items are inexpensive, and may even be lying around your house.

✓ cat food (unopened)
✓ wood pellets
✓ packaged paper towels
✓ packaged toilet paper
✓ towels, thin blankets, sheets
✓ bleach, laundry soap
✓ garbage bags (13 gal & 33 gal)
✓ zip ties
✓copy paper (letter & legal)
✓ ink for HP 8600 all-in-one
✓ medium sized carriers


These items are a little bigger; super necessary for the clinic.

✓ heating pads, 6 ea
✓ new spray bottles, 6 ea*
✓ “Nolvasan” disinfectant
✓ laundry baskets, 4 ea*
✓ small office garbage cans, 12 ea*
✓ large garbage cans, 2 ea*
✓ anti-stress floor mats, 4 ea*
✓ eye-wash station*
✓ mop & bucket*
✓ automatic soap dispenser*
✓ automatic paper towel dispenser*
✓ toilet paper holder*
__*see Paul at
Central Sales & Supply
214 South Tower Avenue, Centralia, WA

The following items are very expensive.  These items would make great fundraising projects for 4-H clubs, Boy Scout troops, youth groups, high school seniors, home school students, etc.

✓ heat system ($3,000 already donated.
___$1,700 balance)
✓ autoclave machine ($3,000-$4,000)
✓ ultrasonic cleaner ($400-$600)
✓ surgical tables, 3 ea ($50-$75 ea)
✓ ss instrument stands w/trays,
____3 ea ($100-$150 ea)
✓ fireproof safe with key and
__combo access ($200-$300)
✓ anesthesia machines, 4 ea
__($2,000-$3,000 ea)
✓ back-up power system