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Our Services

Spay and neuters                                 Flea Treatment
Rabies Vaccine                                     Roundworm Treatment
Leukemia/ FIV testing                          Tapeworm Treatment                Distemper Vaccine                               Ear Mite check

Ear Cleaning                                        Nail Trim
Microchip                                           Engraved ID tag
Breakaway collar

See services page for prices and additional information


Additional Services

Hernia Repair                                      
In heat/pregnant (we do our best to pre-screen for pregnant cats, and not accept them for surgery)
Cryptorchid (Undescended testicle)
Standard of care-  cleaning abscesses, shaving tight/matted fur, etc

                                                             ADDITONAL SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED AT PHYSICIAN'S DISCRETION, not optional

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Our Story

Here at The Cat's Meow Spay, Neuter & Adoption Project, we are driven by a single goal; to reduce euthanasia as a means of population control for Southwest Washington cats.

Since 2009 we have worked tirelessly to provide cat owners and caretakers with affordable spay/neuter, allowing them to keep felines that they may have otherwise had to surrender to kill-shelters.

In addition to high-volume spay/neuter, we offer rehoming assistance, training to those feeding bottle babies, assistance in handling & taming  feral kittens and cats, volunteer opportunities and education in many aspects of feline behavior and care.

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Thank you to our Sponsors: 

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