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  • How old does a kitten need to be to be fixed?
    Kittens must be at least 2 months old and weigh at least 2 pounds. If you would like to have your kitten receive a rabies vaccine at time of spay or neuter, then they must be at least 3 month old and weight at least 3 pounds. Prior to 3 months of age, the kitten's immune system is not mature enough to utilize the vaccine; it will not hurt the kitten, but it will not benefit the kitten, either.
  • Does The Cat's Meow spay pregnant females?
    No, not intentionally. We are a no-kill organization, so spaying detectably pregnant females goes against our mission statement. If your cat is not "showing", we will spay her. If she is "showing", we ask you to be honest with us and ask to have her procedure rescheduled until after the kittens are born. We will help you place the kittens with a safe, no-kill adoption facility. Be aware that female cats can get pregnant again just 48 hours after delivery, so it is imperative that they be confined prior to giving birth so this cannot happen. Confining a pregnant cat for delivery accomplishes other goals: *keeps kittens safe from the elements and predators *keeps mom safe from predators, cars, etc so she isn't killed, leaving you to search for and provide care for orphaned kittens *allows you easy access to kittens so they can be handled and raised tame....making them great candidates for an adoption program
  • How much will it cost to fix my cat?
    We will post pricing when we are closer to opening our spay/neuter clinic.
  • Does The Cat's Meow offer discounts for more than one cat?
    We will post more information regarding this when we are closer to opening our spay/neuter clinic.
  • Does The Cat's Meow offer discounts for low-income or seniors?
    No, The Cat's Meow does not, but there may be a discount available for Lewis County residents for their pet female cats through another local non-profit, based on the group's funds availability. Call or text 360-623.0820 to find out if the discount is currently available.
  • Where is The Cat's Meow located?
    Our "home office" is at 1301 Oxford Avenue, Centralia WA 98531 Our spay/neuter clinic will be at 611 NW State Avenue, Chehalis, WA 9853
  • What areas does The Cat's Meow serve?
    We offer services to anyone in Washington state. Most of our clients are from Lewis, Thurston & Cowlitz counties, but we also have helped people in Grays Harbor, Clark, Mason & Wahkiakum counties.
  • How do I schedule my cat for surgery?
    Scheduling will be available online when we are closer to opening our spay/neuter clinic.
  • How do I prepare my cat for surgery?
    Instructions will be on our website when we are closer to opening our spay/neuter clinic.
  • Can I bring my cat in a cloth carrier or cardboard carrier?
    Yes, but we will need to place them into a hard plastic carrier for their stay with us. If they are not awake enough to safely place them back into your carrier at time of pick up, you may leave a deposit to take them home in our carrier; your deposit would be refunded to you when you return our carrier. If we have enough carriers to spare, you may also be able to purchase it if you would rather.
  • Can The Cat's Meow "hold" a spot for my cat without payment?"
    We do require a deposit to hold your cat(s) appointment(s).
  • I don't make payments online, can I call someone to make my reservation(s)?"
    At this time, we are not actually scheduling appointments. Once we are closer to opening our spay/neuter clinic in Chehalis, we will post instructions on how to do so.
  • I don't have a printer. Can I still use The Cat's Meow?
    Yes. You are not required to print out forms to use our service. If you are able to, though, it will save you time and help you to be better prepared to use our service. If you are not able to print the forms, we will have blank forms avilable for you.
  • Where do I bring my cat?
    We are not currently offering spay/neuter services due to COVID. Once our spay/neuter clinic is operational, cats with paid appointments will be brought to 611 NW State Avenue, Chehalis, WA 98532
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