Welcome to The Cat’s Meow SNAP!


Drop off and pick up locations vary depending on your location:

For western Lewis County – our new building at 1685 N National, Chehalis
For eastern Lewis County –  Del’s Farm Supply, 630 Airport Way, Morton
For Cowlitz Co. – Humane Society of Cowlitz Co., 909 Columbia Blvd, Longview
For Grays Harbor County – coordinate with Vivian Dahlin via PM on Facebook

Please see “Spay/Neuter Services” for full details. We will have plenty of additional opportunities coming up to get your frisky kitties fixed before they become moms and dads…..again.  We have already helped over 1000 cat owners and caretakers humanely reduce the cat population in Southwest Washington through spay, neuter and adoption. That’s nearly 3,000 cats, and 2,000 of those were done in just the last 33 months!!  Let’s keep up the good work!

February's Weekly Contests - Enter to Win Prizes!

  • A prize, gifted by a monthly supporting sponsor will be awarded every week. A new contest will begin each Monday, closing with a final drawing from correctly submitted answers on the following Sunday.
    Winners will be notified by email, and posted on our site (with winner's permission.)
    This weeks prize - A $5.00 coupon towards a purchase at Jimmie's Espresso

  • We have notified our last lucky winners of $5 off at Jimmie's Espresso. Last week's questions was "Why do cats' back claws grow slower than the front?" Well, we are always learning, too. Originally we found information indicating that rear claws are not as retractable as front claws and so they wear down. This, in fact, is not the case. They actually bite them off! Wow, sooo much to learn about these amazing creatures!!
    Additional information about cats' claws: Cat Talk 101 and ASPCA - cat claws
    Thank You for participating!


The Cat’s Meow is still working on building a clinic for high-volume, low-cost spays & neuters, but we’ve outgrown our 404 South Tower location as we brought our adoptable kitties here and now don’t have enough room for adoption and spay/neuter.  Sooo…we are moving to the old Blakely n Hout lumber yard in Chehalis where we will have LOTS of room for all of the work we do. -


We can accomplish so much more with the extra space!! 

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. We look forward to meeting those of you who will join us as we move forward under our new name…

2 of our customersWouldn’t it be fabulous if area shelters no longer had an over-abundance of kitties and euthanasia became a thing of the past? Together we can make that happen!