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WHERE: The Cat's Meow, 611 NW State Avenue, Chehalis, WA

WHEN: See dates and times below

SCHEDULE: A $15 booking fee/deposit is required in advance.  This will be applied to your total at the VACCINE CLINIC or BOOSTER CLINIC. See calendar at bottom of page to schedule.

CASH is preferred for any/all of the following services (The amount you prepaid when making your appointment will be deducted from your total):

  • Required Exam - $15 (Required at Vaccine Clinic, not at Booster Clinic)

  • Rabies vaccine - $15

  • Distemper vaccine - $15

  • Leukemia vaccine - $20

  • Flea treatment - $15

  • Flea treatment to take home (6 pack) OR* - $70

  • *Prescription to buy flea meds elsewhere - $10

  • Roundworm treatment w/2nd dose - $5

  • Tapeworm treatment - $10

  • Check for ear-mites - $10

  • Ear cleaning + one treatment - $20

  • Take home ear mite cleaner + treatment - $30

  • Nail trim - $10

  • Microchip - $20

IMPORTANT CANCELLATION POLICY: Prepaid appointments can be cancelled for a full refund or switched up to 48 hours before the Vaccine Clinic or Booster Clinic begins.  Example - if Clinic begins on Saturday at 10am, you can change/cancel your appointment as late as 10am on Thursday.  After that, changing or cancelling is closed and refunds are not available.  

Those who pay to book appointments will receive a confirmation email, an email reminder 2 days in advance of the Clinic and a final email reminder 23 hours in advance with instructions for the day of the Vaccine Clinic.

Cats must be in their own secure carrier. The exception is for kittens under 6 months - these may share a carrier as long as they are not too crowded and get along with each other.

Healthy cats only, please.

NOTE REGARDING PREGNANT CATS:  Pregnant cats are not eligible to receive vaccines due to possible risk to the unborn kittens.  They are, however, able to receive any of our other services.

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